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Motorway Training: You can now undertake motorway lessons before you take your test but this has to be with an Approved driving instructor(ADI) and the car must be fitted with Dual controls and that your instructor fees you are ready, but most people still opt to do this after they have past there test. You don’t have to be a recently qualified driver to do motorway training with Tony’s Driving School. You may have been driving for years but lack some confidence on our busy overcrowded Motorways. Motorway training also comes as part of our Pass Plus package or can be taken individually.

Motorway driving can be one of the most daunting aspects of driving life so it’s a good idea to have an instructor at your side for your first attempt at this. I will teach you to join, travel in and exit the fast-moving traffic and build your confidence on driving on these types of roads.

Driving on motorways is an entirely different environment from where we learn to drive.
Most novice drivers have yet to experience the pressures that the sheer volume and speed of motorway traffic puts on them. Whether we like it or not most of us at some point will find ourselves using motorways on a regular basis. The problem is that most newly qualified drivers have little or no experience of high volumes of fast-moving traffic, so at first motorway driving can seem quite daunting and to some even frightening.

Every driver benefit from some simple rules on how to deal with busy motorway traffic. Whether for yourself or bought as a gift for a family member our motorway training will keep you safer on today’s roads.

Our Motorway Driver Training Covers:

  • Route planning Joining and leaving the motorway safely
  • Lane discipline and safe following distances
  • Overtaking safely Keeping a safety zone around your vehicle
  • Awareness and reaction to other road users
  • What to do in an emergency including personal safety
  • Adverse weather driving on motorways

There’s no test at the end of the course, just continual assessment.

Tony Harding’s Driving School - Hinckley’s Best Driving School
Tony Harding’s Driving School - Hinckley’s Best Driving School

Tony Harding

Driving Instructor

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Tony is a lovely, patient man, perfect for teaching people of all ages to drive. I have friends who have had Tony teach their sons and daughters to drive with great results and I will definitely be using him next year when my young person reaches 17.

Tony is passionate about teaching drivers to not only be safe but also to be considerate and patient and I highly recommend him.

Tony Harding’s Driving School - Hinckley’s Best Driving School

Kate R

Happy Client


Wonderful, patient teacher. Very dedicated and good with nervous drivers. I can highly recommend Tony

Tony Harding’s Driving School - Hinckley’s Best Driving School

Karen Gimson

Happy Client


Making learning to drive easy, simple and fun!

Tony Harding’s Driving School - Hinckley’s Best Driving School
Tony Harding’s Driving School - Hinckley’s Best Driving School

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